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Nanda Gopal Kumar (Surya), a well-known person puts his USA. first and cannot tolerate any injustice and malpractices. He quits his white collared job and conjures up many to do organic farming. But a few trends in his personal and expert life find him in dirty politics. To find out the journey of NGK in politics and the way it influences his circle of relatives’ existence along with his spouse Geeta (Sai Pallavi) and mother and father, what is the reference to Vanita (Rakul Preet Singh), revel in Nanda Gopala Kumar on screen. Selva Raghavan who’s recognized for his realistic entertainers determined to attach chords with film fanatics with a message orientated powerful political entertainer.
Yuvan Shankar Raja extended the scenes along with his thumping history rating. The songs are complete of Tamil flavor and a couple of them acted as speed breakers. Praveen.ok.L’s modifying left a lot to be desired. There are many drags within the movie that examined the endurance of the movie fans. Siva Kumar Vijayan’s cinematography beautified the movie. Director Selva Raghavan could have brought a few greater twists and turns after operating at the script before proceeding beforehand. The Movie collected huge collections and best openings in Box Office.

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Anbae Peranbae Song

Anbae Peranbae Song Lyrics From NGK Tamil  Movie Download, Uma Devi is a lyricist who drafted the most connectable Tamil lyrics of ‘ANBAE PERANBE’ and here you can watch its full music video with the meaning of all songlines. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the songster behind the soothing music tune production and the Music film of the track ‘Anbe Peranbe’ is filmed on Rakul Preet Singh and Suriya.

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Anbe… Anbe…
Peranbe… Peranbe…
Eno Iravodu Oliyaay Podum
Oruvumdru ketkireain
Valai Neerum Ivalin Asai
Nira Nieera Paarkireain
Nadhi Serum Kadalin Medhu
Mazhaneerai Serven
Amuthey Perai Amuthey
Pen Manathin Kanavin Ekkam
Theerkuma , Erkkuma
Mathiyay Than Mathiyay Ivan
Azhagin Bimbam Kangal
Paarkuma , Tholkuma
Mazhavanam Koorumpothu
Manalennai Koosumo
Malarode Malakal Koode
Oorenne Thootrumo
Irayey Irey Kadale Un
Athikum Anp Mathiley
Thaandthey Thoondthey
Nenjoram Thoongum Moham
Kannoram Dhogam Podu
Sollatha Rakasiyam Nee Thaane
Oor Ketkai Yeangthey
Kanimay Thunay Varum Yosanai
Vinayvina Manakkath Vaasanai
Ellame Unraha Maaruthe
Manathide Seyva Koovuthe
Maarikalathin Meghangal
Kaar Karum Thoorum
Aalilllatha Kaattilum
Boobanam Kelkkum
Anbe Peranbe Nena Maarvin
Izhakal Vannam Akuthe Akuthe
Urave Nam Urave Oro Anuvin
Piripil Nandril Akuthey Akuthe
Urayaka Sollin Poruley
Mozhiyimk Thaankumo
Uravaka Anpil Vaazha
Oru Azhvu Pothumo

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